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Finally! It’s affordable to switch.
To help your friends and family break free from their wireless contract, we'll now help cover your friends' early termination fees for up to 5 lines and give them an instant credit for their device trade in. And for every friend you help set free, we’ll give you $25 to use at T-Mobile — up to $250 a year.
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Limited time offer; subject to change. Termination Fee Payment: Eligible device trade-in, new device purchase, qualifying credit, port-in from eligible carriers (incl. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint), and qualifying postpaid service required. Payments consist of: (1) credit of device trade-in value, and (2) prepaid MasterCard card reflecting Early Termination Fee. Tax on ETF not included. You must submit final bill showing ETF within 2 calendar months of port-in and be active and in good standing when payment is processed; allow up to 8 weeks. Additional validation may be required. Up to 5 lines; all lines must be activated in same T-Mobile market with same billing address. One per subscriber. Check your contract with your carrier for your rights and obligations. Referral Reward: Activation of qualifying service required by referee within 90 days of referral. Referee must register at and identify referrer within 2 calendar months after activation. Referee and referrer must remain active for at least 45 days after referee's activation, and be in good standing on account, at time reward is processed. Reward provided in the form of a $25 T-Mobile promotional prepaid card. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing. Fastest 4G LTE: Claim based on download speeds. Capable device and qualifying service required for 4G LTE. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. See Terms and Conditions at for details. T-Mobile and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekom AG. un-leash is a trademark of T-Mobile USA, Inc. ©2014 T-Mobile USA, Inc.